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AYURVEDA: Science of life

  • An ancient and oldest system of medical science and health care.
  • Mother of all healing science and systems.
  • Practice of Ayurveda is to promote human happiness, health and daily living.

Ayurvedic Treatments:


It is a popular body massage in ayurveda. The word abhyanga itself means to massage. Special type of Ayurvedic oil selected by doctor base on your body type use to massage the body in which strokes and rhythmic friction are given according to the needs to stimulate vital points. This helps to reduces stress, improves circulation and relaxes stiff muscle. These ayurvedic oils have a rejuvenating effect as they also help eliminate impurities.

Abhyangam can increase the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies, which provide more resistance against viruses and diseases. This helps the defense mechanism in the body and increases immunity towards environmental changes. To massage is to exercise the nervous system. It is very useful for obesity, diabetes, paralysis and various neuro-muscular disorders. After the massage herbal steam bath is also given.

Spa-like Ayurvedic massage without any specialize supervision can cause health problems. The massage covers the entire body except the groin.

Authentic ayurvedic massages are done by therapists of the same sex as the patient.

Shiro- Abhyangam:

head massage: massage on the scalp and head. Reduce hair-loss and dandruff, condition the scalp, and improve sleep and eyesight.


Foot massage: Massage of the legs, which improves circulation to the extremities, is beneficial for diabetics, increases joint mobility and muscle tightness and is useful in distressing.

Dhara: Shiro Dhara:

It is a process by which herbal oils / medicated milk / buttermilk or quatha (medicated water), etc are allowed to flow in an uninterrupted flow from the hanging vessel to the forehead and scalp after good head massage. This is very good in relieving stress and strain and generates sleep. Maintains hormone balance. This treatment is for vatha predominated diseases, mental / psychiatric disorders, neurasthenia, Parkinson's disease, memory loss, scalp problems like dandruff, hair falling, Psoriasis, hypertension, Diabetes and other skin complaints.

Patra Potli (Bundle) Massage:

Finely chopped herbal leaves and herbal powders are warmed in medicated oil and bundled in a poultice which is used for the fomentation massage. Popularly known as "Elakizhi". Ellakizhi promotes better circulation, relieves stress, and treats osteo-arthritis. It is also ministered to those with spondylosis and sports injuries resulting from soft tissue inflammations and joint pains. Arthritic conditions, lumbago, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, pain and stiffness of joints, post paralytic spasm, other spastic and inflammatory conditions etc can be cured.

Rice - Njavara Potli (Bundle) Massage: NAVARAKIZHI/SHASTIKA SHALI PINDA SWEDA:

In this method of healing, the body is forced to perspire using Njavara and special types of herbs. A special type of Rice called Njavara is cooked in milk and herbal decoction is packed in small cotton bundles. With this the whole body is massaged. This is a good rejuvenating treatment. This improves the skin texture and the skin will glow after doing this. This improves circulation, relieves muscular stress and aches. This is an effective treatment for all types of rheumatism, pains in the joints, emaciation of limb and muscles.

Sarvangadhara: Pizhichil

Application of lukewarm herbal oils in the form of Dhara over the body in a special rhythmic style. It is a highly rejuvenating treatment useful in all cases of nervous disorders, treatment for paralysis, rheumatism, diabetes, dislocation of joints, uterine inertia, complaints of menopause, and as a rejuvenate course.

Dhanyaamla Dhara:

Dhanyamla Dhara is a special type of Dhara treatment in which warm herbal liquid is poured all over the body. Warm herbal liquid is poured all over the body in a rhythmic way through a special vessel. It is a remedy for hemiplegia paralysis rheumatic complaints and vatha predominant diseases etc.

Swedana / Medicated Steam Bath / Nadi Swedana:

Certain precious herbal leaves and herbs are boiled and the steam is passed over the whole body. This is good for certain types of skin diseases for eliminating impurities and improving the tone of the body for reducing fat etc.

It induces perspiration and thus drains impurities, tones up the body, clears the skin and improves the blood circulation. It cures obesity, pains in the joints, problems of the respiratory system and rheumatic complaints.


A special massage with herbal powders in a specific way for diseases like hemiplegia, paralysis, obesity (excess fat) and certain rheumatic ailments. It also strengthens muscles and tightens loose skin.


It involves holding warm ayurvedic oils on the affected areas, that help immensely in cases of lower back problems, cervical problems, arthritic knees and in cases of hypertension and cardiac related conditions.


This is a special ayurvedic treatment for lower backache or sciatica of different etiology. Warm ayurvedic oil is held on affected area on the lumbosacral region.

Greva Basti:

This is a special ayurvedic treatment for different kinds of neck complaints including cervical spondylitis, I.V. disc prolapses, arthrosis, etc.

Janu Basti:

This is a special ayurvedic treatment for the knee joint conditions like arthritis, tendon injuries, sprain, etc.

Uro / Hrud Basti:

Specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept in herbal paste boundary on the chest / Heart. An effective treatment for respiratory problems, heart disease and muscular chest pains.

Shirobasti :

The treatment consists of keeping the prescribed medicated oil at a bearable temperature in a leather cap fitted around the head of the patient.The oil is filled in the cap up to a level of one finger above the crown of the head.The duration of treatment is between one and one and half hours. Sirobasti is an important procedure which is found to be very effective in trigiminal neuralgia, hemicrania, optic atrophy, otalgia, deafness, facial paralysis and in all diseases affecting cranial nerves . Generally the course of treatment is only seven days at a stretch

Matrabasti / Kashaybasti / Snehabasti:

Certain herbal oils, herbal extracts are applied through rectum. This is a very important and key treatment of panchkarma.


Drops of medicated oil are administered in each nostril of the patient. This treatment eliminates the toxins from the head and neck region and is useful in curing headaches, migraine, sinusitis, chronic cold , chest congestion, cervical spondylosis, degeneration of cervical vertebrae and Facial Palsy. It assures lightness of the body and head ensures better sleep.

Avagaham (full body tub bath) / Swedan:

It is a kind of immersion bath where the patient is made to sweat while sitting in a tub filled with a specific warm medical decoction for the whole body or different parts of the body like the hips or feet. This is good for rheumatism, painful urination, hernia, lower backache, arthritis, muscle stiffness, disease of spinal cord, hip,and gynecological conditions.


Sponging the body/head with cotton sponges dipped in medicated oils. Useful for paralysis, rheumatism, nervous breakdown etc. Treatment for Backache, Headache, sleeplessness/insomnia, hypertention and Migraine etc.

Netra tarpan:

Keeping the medicated Ghee in the eyes for 15-30 minutes within a herbal paste boundary. Enhances better eyesight with less strain, better blood circulation to the eyes and protects the eyes from age related problems.

Netra Dhara:

Washing the eyes with medicated mixture/ oils/ quatha. Helps to relieve tension in the eyes, improve eye sight, pain, fatigue and smooth away wrinkles.

Ksheera Dhoomam:

A fomentation process with medicated cow milk that helps in eliminating facial paralysis disorders and other nervous disorders of the face and speech disorders, numbness, headache, allergies,cervical spondylosis, spastic disorders and neurological problems.


This is the application of herbal preparations in paste over the hairy part of the head. Ingredients of the paste vary according to the nature of the ailment. This is helpful in treating sleep disorders, headache, herriplegia, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia.


Major body purification and panchkarma procedure through induce vomiting.


Most important panchkarma treatment and Method of cleaning and evacuation of bowels through the use of purgative medicines.

Lepam / Upanaham:

This is a process by which medicated herbal paste is applied on the affected part of the body. Very useful for various types of inflammatory and spastic conditions.

Ayurvedic face and body pack:

A complete facial procedure using a combination of ayurvedic herbs / fruits/ Vegetables and the highly nourishing and detoxifying mud. The high mineral content of the mud is what makes it so effective in detoxifying, rejuvenating and cleaning the skin by improving the flow of nutrients to the skin surface.

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