Aum health resort lives within the lap of nature, here within the unique bliss is experienced. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, where one breaths the fresh and fragrant air. It is situates within the serene atmosphere amongst the gushy and green trees. The purpose to erect this unique spot is to provide a blissful, comfortable and healthy experience of life.

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Our Treatments

Treatments like ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, physiotherapy, diet, yoga and meditation, etc… are applied



Includes Abhyangam, Abhyangam, Pad-Abhyangam, Dhara: Shiro Dhara, Patra Potli (Bundle) Message, Rice - Njavara Potli (Bundle) Massage, Sarvangadhara: Pizhichil, Dhanyaamla Dhara, Medicated Steam Bath , Ayurvedic face and body pack

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Naturopathy is a drugless system of healing. Naturopathy believes that the human body owes its existence to nature’s five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether – a composite representation of all forces of nature. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula

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Germane system of medicine based on the theory of "similar cures similar". Remedies selected on the basis of symptoms, constitutional expressions help to stimulate the body's self-healing power. This totally safe medicine has no side effects as it is derived from natural and herbal sources. It helps cure allergic

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  • Hello, my name is Michelle and It is my second time here in India....this time I wanted to learn more about this country so I planned a week in Rajasthan with friends of mine... and then I came here to follow an Ayurvedic treatment in this resort... The cares are really well done and I appreciate them a lot..Last year we stayed here two weeks and we could enjoy all the wonderful cares provided by the clinic and went back to my country healthier. That's why I wanted to bring my friends here to make them discover this place where I feel really good, especially during winter...I've been cured last year for the menopause and the treatment I was given has been really efficient to avoid all the negative effect of the menopause on the body. I recommend the massages and treatments which are very delightful. The veg food provided here take part into the body cleaning process, we are warmly welcomed by everybody here, we can enjoy the kindness of the staff which do all its possible to make us feel good and comfortable. I recommend this place for all these reasons and you should stop to this place during your stay in India, there's no doubt you'll be well welcomed.

  • Hello I am Jean Pierre Perrier and here is my wife Jacqueline... We've came here from France to visit the Gujarat during ten days and we're here to follow an ayurvedic care. This treatment is very efficient for us; we've been cured and feel better now... For my part,I had knee and breath problems before coming but I'm cured now and they're gone... So everything goes well, everything goes better! Now I let my wife speaking... So the treatment is.... wonderful and very efficient, I feel better now in my body. I can only say good things about this place.... To conclude we're fully satisfied of this place.

  • My name is Arnaud and I come from France..... I'll spend.... two weeks here ....and I'll ...... tell you about my experience and the welcome we got in this wonderful hotel....... We've been supported....... at the moment we arrived and were very warmly welcomed by..... the entire staff that came to meet us ....and welcome us. The whole staffs are very kind with us and take really good care of us, both kitchen.... and management staff...... Then we met the doctor who made a really good diagnostic depending upon our diseases and.... health problems. For me, It was stomach and back problems and the doctor made a..... quick diagnostic and adapted the treatment according to these problems. Here can we find a really good massage team that support us with sweetness and professionalism....... The doctor comes to see us and take news from us regularly. The whole staffs are here to follow us and..... listen to us. It's a very nice place and I really enjoy my stay here...... Thanks.

  • Two years before when I was diagnose for diabetes mellitus and hypertension and my blood pressure is 240.Unfortunately at the age of 40 I suffered from D. M and Hypertension, I started searching for the remedy on internet and I was happy to have the suitable information about AUM HEALTH RESORT. After having discussion with Dr. Jignesh, I got fully convinced and took package for 6 days. Having come over here I was provided with medical consultation, Ayurvedic treatments and diet therapy with my utmost satisfactions. I am highly satisfied with the services rendered to me and now I am planning to avail the package of 18 days. I recommend all others to make good use of this resort.

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